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5 Photographs Relating NYC to Wine

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Once becoming The Wine Glass Photographer, I was eager to get back to the city where I used to live and will always love. As I prepped my wine glasses for the day of shooting, I began to think about the similarities between getting around New York City and that of enjoying a glass of wine. In that moment, I felt inspired to capture the city in a way in which wine and city lovers can relate to the many emotions experienced walking around the Concrete Jungle. 

That being said, like wine, New York City requires a person to come to terms with these 5 Steps of Apprecation:

1.  Acquire Taste: 

Like many of us, our affinity for wine came later in life once we grew out of the cheap college beer phase. It is also common for people to dismiss NYC as being too busy, too crowded, too noisy, etc., but after really setting foot in each of the adoring neighborhoods, even the naysayers begin to feel admiration for the city. 

2.  Take Time to Breathe:

Every wine lover knows that wine is best enjoyed when it has time to breathe. Same goes for city goers who want to still have a piece of mind at the end of a long day.  So, in the midst of the bright lights and taxis flying by, stand still for a moment and.... breathe.

3.  Diffuse the Chaos:

When wine is being diffused, the oxygen fills the wine allowing it to enhance the taste and aroma so you can enjoy it to it's fullest.  We, humans, also need to let the oxygen from our deep breaths diffuse throughout our bodies in order for us to fully be aware of our senses. I recommend incorporating yoga into your weekly, if not daily, routine. 

4.  Discover a Sense of Relaxation:

I don't know one wine lover who doesn't feel more relaxed in the moment wine graces their palate. New Yorkers can also find that same state of relaxation when visiting Central Park, sitting by the East River or discovering it in one of the many hidden gems throughout the city. 

5.  Feel Liberated:

After finishing a glass (or bottle) of wine, it's safe to say most feel liberated from the craziness of the day. That same feeling can be found after exploring the whole and heart of New York City.


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