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5 Quarantine Wine Activities

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

With all of the uncertainty and worries surrounding us with the Corona Virus, it is helpful to find activities that help us to stay positive. We will get through this together by social distancing, hand washing, appreciating our health professionals and enjoying wine in the comforts of our home to flatten the curve. Here are five wine-related activities to help calm the chaos:

1. In-Home Wine Tasting Reward Tour Place a glass of wine in each room to reward yourself after completing a task whether it be cleaning, caring for your kids or just thinking a positive thought! To enhance your excursion, create your favorite pairing with cheese, chocolate or a fitting cuisine!

2. FaceTime Dates

We could all use a little (scratch that... a lot) of shared happiness right now so schedule happy hours, wine evenings, Sunday Fundays, etc. with your friends and family! Wine chats make for the best smiles, laughs and stress relievers!

3. DIY Cork Masterpieces

If there is one thing I know about wine lovers it is that we take pride and joy seeing our stash of uncorked corks! Now is the time to turn those hard-earned neutral nuggets into something masterful like jewelry boards, coasters, keychains, planters and beyond! If you want to get really ambitious, you can make a wreath for your door. Don't worry there is no judgement here on knowing you have enough corks to be able to make one (wink, wink). You can check out ideas from my Pinterest Cork Board here.

4. DIY Wine Bottle Decor

I think it is safe to assume that if you are reading this blog post that you have stocked up on wine while in quarantine. Instead of tossing your empties into the Recycle Bin, turn them into something to savor. While toilet paper may be a limited commodity right now, you will have no shortage of ideas when it comes to transforming your wine bottles. Think table centerpieces, vases, citronella candles and even a bird feeder. For more inspiration click here.

5. Netflix & Chill

Okay this one is a bit basic, but honestly that is what we need right now. Sometimes we need to turn off the news to let our mind escape for a moment. So get cozy, pour a glass of your favorite wine and chill while watching "Love is Blind" or any other show you deem binge worthy.. just remember activities #3 and #4 to save your corks and empty bottles!

Sending virtual cheers to all and wishing you & your loved ones happiness and good health!

Tag me @thewineglassphotographer on Insta or Facebook so I can see (and share) how you decided to distract with wine!


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