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Hurricane Forces A Hurrication

Charleston, South Carolina.. a city of history, pastel homes, flower-filled window boxes, pineapples, palm trees.. and hurricanes. My husband and I, with our pup, have only lived in this charming city for three years and have received a mandatory hurricane evacuation twice. As tempting as it is to stay put, we wouldn't do so for the sake of first responders.. and my worrying parents in New Jersey. Trust me, it's easier to escape the wrath of a hurricane than stay and hear the guilt and bending of my ear from them! I must admit that we share the same caring (borderline crazy) love my parents have for us with the love we have for our four legged love, London. She was so scared we were going to leave her home as we packed up the car that she ran out the door and circled around the car until we let her jump in (mind you we weren’t nearly done packing & would never, ever leave her behind!). So, once we did finish filling up the car and checking off our hurricane preparation list, we followed the evacuation route to Atlanta. While on the way, we learned of a new, fitting term for our hurricane escape... Hurrication. I certainly appreciate a little humor given the nerves and worries of leaving home as one never quite knows what they'll come back to as Mother Nature can be very temperamental. So with my newfound extended vocabulary, I embraced our hurricane vacation with open arms because I know worrying doesn't get you anywhere, but a hurrication gets us to Atlanta! Thankfully, Atlanta has proven to be a city of pet lovers. We booked our stay at Hilton Atlanta and they welcomed our London with open arms (literally as a manager bent down to embraced her). It's just one of the many reasons why I'm a Hilton Honors member, and no, this isn't a sponsored post, but rather, I must give credit where credit is due! Once checked in and after a quick stop at pet relief outdoor area, we walked to City Winery Atlanta for a much needed 'weather the storm' cheers. And, get this, they have a "Canine Cuisine" menu and London devoured the "Make You Beg Chicken" but it also includes other "Fur-st Course" options like "Pooched Eggs" and "Bone Appetite." Us, humans, paired a glass of Bisol Jeio Prosecco with the delicious Margarita flatbread. I followed it up with a refreshing Kaya Vineyards, Georgia Chardonnay. The atmosphere of City Winery is super cool. There's a music venue, wine bottle floor to ceiling decor, outdoor patio, and best of all, the winery itself. No reason to skip this gem on your trip to Atlanta.

As our hurrication continues, we are back at the hotel getting our work done while London enjoys the city views. It melts our heart knowing that no matter where we go she just wants to be by our side and look out at the world around her.

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