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Inspiration from Sunflowers in a Wine Glass

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

From the fields of North-West Germany, I bring to you tastes of sunshine! While driving with my husband to visit his parents in Solingen, we passed by a field of bright yellow sun-catchers. I immediately took note of the location and kept it on my mind until the following day when I could no longer hold off my longing to return. 

So my gracious husband loaded the car with my camera and wine gear and off we went back to the warm sunflower fields.  My inner child immediately came out the moment I stepped into the blossoming light.  I snapped away capturing the beauty in glass while at the same time trying not to disturb the hungry bees. When I noticed the light beaming through the glass, I found the bees weren't the only ones buzzing as my mind was too. 

A realization hit as I thought about how these sun-shaped flowers are known for facing the sun while budding then turning away once blossoming. Seeing the varying directions of these long stemmed flowers in my glass had me thinking of how our lives tend to reflect the same. Sunlight often represents happiness, hope, and harmony; all of which we turn to in order to enrich our lives. When our hearts and minds are filled with these, we then look to share our light with those who surround us.  At times, we may feel our light depleting so we must again recharge and turn toward the sun. This may cause us to put ourselves first again, but once we are fulfilled, we make a directional shift to support others. It's often stated that it is only when we are happy with ourselves that we can be truly happy for others. 

So friends, soak in {and share} the sunlight!


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