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Reflecting Love Through the Wine Glass

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Now more than ever we need to reflect more love in our lives.  Heartbreak seems to fill our world as we turn on the news to see mass shooting tragedies, the devastation of natural disasters and the ongoing suffering among war torn countries.  As our hearts become heavy with sadness, feelings of guilt also overcome us as we think of the innocent families who lost loved ones because we know there's not much we can do to take away their pain.  

In order to help ourselves cope with all that is going on, we are reminded of how precious it is to have the gift of life.  It is in these troubling times when hope and love come to rescue our fleeting hearts. We see heroes emerge from the devastation and provide us with hope that good still exists in this world. Their strength and bravery give us the ability to continue forward in a more loving, caring way. We admire them so much that as we imagine ourselves in their situation, we can only hope that we would be half as strong as they were. We witness strangers, neighbors, communities all coming together to pick up the broken pieces and create a tighter, stronger bond than ever before.  We realize how love truly does overcomes evil. 

Let us remember how we feel during these sorrowful times and reflect the love we see around us and in us.


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