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San Francisco through the Wine Glass

With just a weekend planned in San Francisco with my husband, I knew my top priority was capturing The Golden Gate Bridge through my wine glass. So we did just that and woke up early for a walk along the bay to this mighty orange-red steel structure. With the sky being as blue as could be, these complimentary colors made for a striking view. I took a few shots a bit further away from the bridge where the flowers were beautifully blooming then we traveled up to get a closer, more classic view.

If you were a television watcher in the 80's/90's, then surely you will recognize this next San Fran view through my wine glass. If you missed out on the delight of 'Full House', you can simply enjoy the colorful facade of these iconic "Painted Ladies" in Alamo Square. I must say, it was a rather difficult angle to get as there were so many other 90's kids out on the hill instagramming away, but with a little patience, I was able to capture this childhood gem with the sitcom's opening lyrics playing in my head "Everywhere you look, everywhere you go.....".

After a 15 mile walk all around the city, (sorry, I didn't bring out my wine glass for more shots as my stamina was saved for making sure my legs didn't turn into noodles) and stop at our hotel for refreshing, we went to EPIC Steak for just that, as well as, epic views of Bay Bridge. Being that Golden Gate gets all the hype, I was mistakenly unaware of how amazingly awesome Bay Bridge is especially at night with The Bay Lights illuminated across 1.8 miles of the bridge. Cheers to viewing the world's largest light art installation!


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