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Taste of Napa Part II: A Stay in Yountville

Tag-lined as being in the Heart of Napa Valley, Yountville should be on your must-visit list when traveling through the wine valley. As mentioned in my previous blog post, Taste of Napa Part I, my husband and I stayed at the Vintage House located right on the main street crossing through this quaint, yet plentiful town. The village is lined with Michelin-starred restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, art galleries and much more!

The weather wasn't fully cooperating with us during our trip, but the decision to stay in Yountville brought us sunshine on a cloudy (and rainy) day. There was so much to do outside our doorstep that our rain day agenda quickly filled up. First, we took a short stroll to Domaine Chandon as there's nothing like a glass (or several) of sparking to lift the spirits. We happily enjoyed a tasting in their window filled room followed by a lounge by the fireside with our glasses of sparkling in hand.

From there, we ventured off to Jessup Cellars for our tasting appointment. It's important to note that when making your wine touring itinerary that you check if the winery is by appointment only. Jessup Cellars is one of them for a very good reason; they prepared a sweet table for us with a map of the wine region, cheeses, nuts & of course, wine glasses ready to be filled. Not only, was the tasting one of our favorites on the trip, it had its own art gallery so you can sip while staring at some really cool pieces of art.

With a hop, skip, and a jump away, we couldn't pass up the opportunity for a tasting at the impressively designed Stewart Cellars. Immediately upon entering, your eyes will gaze up to the vaulted ceiling and around to the room-length tasting bar. While that was impressive enough, we headed over to their NOMAD Heritage Library for a unique wine tasting experience. I was so in awe of the design and decor of the library that I could have easily stayed in there for the rest of the day enjoying wine and snagging a book to read on the ever-so-comfy leather arm chair. But, reality hit after my third tasting glass as we had to leave for our dinner reservation. PSA: You certainly want to make sure you book dinner reservations after a day of tasting to avoid the dreaded hangover... that and drink plenty of water with electrolytes before bed. I suggest packing Nuun tablets in your bag. You'll thank me later!: )

Strategically planned, we made dinner reservations at the instagram worthy, Restoration Hardware Yountville Restaurant, which is right across the street from Stewart Cellars. With light flickering chandeliers and mystical trees branching from above, this enchanting atmosphere was the perfect way to end the day. It was to no surprise that the food and wine matched the very tasteful ambiance. With the day of indulgence over, it was time to call it a night and head back to the Vintage House.. just a five minute walk down the road. Again, I must say Yountville has it all.

Bonus tip: if you had one more tasting to fit in, I highly recommend that you make reservation for the RH Wine Vault At the Historic Ma(i)sonry Building located adjacent to their restaurant. (use link above to check it out). Or, if you are staying in Yountville, plan on going there another day just as we did. You won't want to miss, literally and figuratively, the magnificent chandelier in full view as you sip in style.

Domaine Chandon

Jessup Cellars

Stewart Cellars

Restoration Hardware Yountville Restaurant & Wine Vault


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