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Taste of Seabrook Island, S.C.

With the world being at a standstill these past months and our vacation plans cancelled, my husband and I decided to book at staycation on Seabrook Island, South Carolina. Normally, I loathe packing, but this time, I did it with pure joy as if I was back to being a kid again and eagerly filling my luggage to go off to Disney World. After months of hibernating, I was ready to get out the door even if just an hour journey from our driveway to reach my version of Magic Kingdom: ocean views, sounds of seagulls, sand between my toes and naturally a glass of wine while relaxing into the abyss. Once you reach the canopy of live oaks along the roadways, you will know you are just about to reach The Island. The picturesque views continue as you enter through the gates and drive through to your getaway destination. I should mention that you should stop at the amenity center which is located on the righthand side just before entering the gate to get an amenity card for the duration of your stay. You can use this card to gain access to the pools, golf courses, as well as, charge drinks, food and other island activities.

During our stay, we often found ourselves having drinks at the Beach Club where you can grab a drink at the outdoor bar and either lounge by the pool or take your beverage over to the seclusive beach area. For the best sunset dining view, you should plan an evening at The Pelican's Nest and enjoy one of their speciality cocktails as you watch the changing sky. Another spot to check out is Freshfields Village, which is just a very short ride outside of the main entrance. If you need to pick up extra groceries, indulge in retail therapy, dine in a new area or stroll with an ice cream cone from Ben & Jerrys then you most certainly will want to put a trip to Freshfields on your agenda. And the last enticing reason to visit here is to find yourself sipping on flavorful wine at FortyEight Wine Bar, which as the name clearly states, has 48 wine varieties to choose from! Just make sure you make a reservation as it is a happening place to be. For more information on accommodation and activities, head to Seabrook Island's official website here. If you have not yet been to Seabrook Island while visiting Charleston then I hope these photographs provide you with a little taste so that you will want to give it a try for yourselves someday.


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