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How to Make Your Walls Stand Out!

Do you have a bare spot on your wall waiting for the right piece to speak to you? Sometimes purchasing wall decor for your home can be rather intimating because you want to make sure it is the right fit. To help make the decision process easier, I find the first thing to do is to measure your walls and determine the space and dimensions for your future artwork. Once you have that all sorted, it is now onto the fun part of choosing color, style and feel of what you want to fill the space... basically what speaks to you. Think of places that bring you immediate joy or particular objects that cause you to react in a certain way and factor in the overall feel when it comes to the style of the room. For instance in my home, naturally, my walls are covered in my prints, but I still had to decide the style. My husband and I have a more modern taste so it was easy to decide on metal and acrylic prints for the majority of our rooms. However, in our wine room, I chose silver frames with white matting to make the prints stand out, along with a larger 20 x 30"wood frame print for the larger piece to bring in the rustic tones of the wood panel walls and decor. For inspiration, I shared my wine glass photographs in various styled rooms which paired perfectly together (see below).

As daunting as it may be, once you find the 'I need to have' statement piece, it will, assuredly, help transform your house into your home!

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