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Top 5 Downtown Charleston Wine Views

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

There's nothing quite like Springtime in Charleston with its flower-filled window boxes, streets lined with palm trees and visitors from around the world joyously meandering out and about.

It certainly won't take you long to discover the charm of Charleston while exploring Downtown. The colorful facades and cobblestone alleys offer a taste of European flair.  It's the welcome greetings and politeness of shop and restaurant workers that will have you admiring Southern hospitality. And.. the.. food here!.. well, that's a whole other blog in the making, but let's just say, it is difficult to decide which places to wine and dine as there are so many worthy ones!  Being that Charleston is my home, I'll have plenty more upcoming posts to help navigate the mouth-watering food and wine scene in the low country. 

Today, however, I share with you my journey through Downtown from King Street to The Battery to The Historic Market.  It is my hope these photographs provide you with a little taste of Charleston and fill your fancy to visit this gem of a city! 

King Street

The Battery

Rainbow Row

Water Front Park

Historic City Market


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