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Top Autumn Views Through the Wine Glass

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

There's nothing quite like the first hint of Autumn air as it tickles your face reminding you of the season's change.  From sandcastles and sun to pumpkin spice everything, Autumn presents itself as a reminder of how we must fully enjoy each moment before it's gone. 

Instead of waiting for the season to reach us in Charleston, my husband and I with our dog, London, headed to Nantahala National Forest for a mini-Fall getaway. As we drove through the narrow and winding roads leading to the rented log cabin set away up in the mountains, we immediately felt our minds ease while observing the colorful beauty surrounding us. Once stepping out of our car, the stillness and peace consumed us.  We officially journeyed our way to relaxation.  

Even though there was limited wifi and cable television available, we wanted to push the pause button on this century's lifestyle. Instead, we sat by the fireplace and opened up a nice, chilled bottled of Riesling, as naturally that's my German husband's favorite! Rather than talking about work or any of life's stresses, we enjoy conversations filled with reliving memories and hopes for our future together. 

The serenity of nature coupled with the awe of Autumn, has a way of rejuvenating the soul. I recommend that everyone take a short escape to somewhere that will force yourself to put realities aside for the moment and enter a place of solace.  I find that when my mind is able to relax from the constant reminders of daily to-dos, my creativity has more room to grow. Being in that state of calm added with a glass of wine, and there's no telling how far the imagination will run! 

In fact, it was when I was relaxing & sipping away on the front porch of the cabin when my mind wondered with the idea of reflecting the wine glass into another wine glass. I decided to grab another glass filled with wine  (don't worry there was no wasting as both were later consumed!) and set them on the ledges.  Now, if I was thinking about how much we have to do before the holidays arrive, I know my mind would be working on a checklist rather than coming up with new visions to share.

Here are a few mountain wine views for you to enjoy. I hope they can serve as a reminder to make sure you set aside time for yourself and loved ones before another season.. another year passes by!

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