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Unique Wine Lover Gift Ideas - Cozy Winter Holiday Edition!

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a sucker for clever sayings on just about anything, gadgets that make me giggle and unique items that bring instant happiness.. now, add wine to the mix and you've gifted me the ultimate joy! Which had me thinking, what better way to spread good cheer than by sharing newfound delights with you? With that, I will now continuously share cool gift ideas on this blog. It's important to note that I use the term "gift" lightly because if you're anything like me, you have every intention of gifting, but then decide to keep it for yourself (guilty!).

To start this new blog series off right, I'm sharing some recent wine-themed purchases that I deem worthy of a shout-out. This month's fitting theme is Cozy Winter Holiday, which will have you warming right up just like a steaming glass of Glühwein (FYI that's German for Mulled Wine)! **Side note to those of you who live around or will be visiting Charleston, South Carolina, I've noted where I bought these goodies so you can just hop, skip or jump to get them right away. For those not so close, have no fear because online shopping is available for each "gifts" mentioned..easy peasy for all!

1. Northern Lights Bottelabra

If you happened to need any motivation to finish that wine bottle of yours, this Bottelabra Taper Holder will have you saying "Bottom's Up!". Once you've successfully emptied the bottle (cheers!), remove the labels, if you so desire, then pop in this candelabra (or simply, candle holder stopper),add your candle and let there be light! Locals, these Bottelabras are available at the Palmetto Moon shop in Mount Pleasant's Town Center.

2. Primitives By Kathy's 'Wine Because Adulting' Bottle Sock

It's sweater weather so the next time you head out the door, don't forget to put a cozy sleeve on your bare bottle. And while you're at it, choose one with a statement that speaks too all like "Adulting is Hard!" because it is... very hard!

*Locals, you can pick up this sweater sleeve at Kitchen & Company in Mount Pleasant.

3. The Wine Glass Photographer: Tuscan Red Wine Wood Print I often hear people say that there's always room for wine, well, being The Wine Glass Photographer, I take that very seriously. So why not, put a unique wine glass print like this Tuscany Red Wine in one of your rooms! Head to the shop page on here for more wine glass photographs to fill your room!

4. Holiday Attire Gnome Bottle Toppers I have a thing for gnomes so it is to no surprise that I had to include these awesome and festive wine bottle top gnomes on this list. I mean seriously, how cute are they?? Nothing says indulge in this bottle of wine like one with a gnome chillin' on top! *Locals, head to The Coastal Cupboard at the Belle Hall Shopping Center in Mount Pleasant.

5. Pottery Barn Santa Pants Wine Bag

There's no cooler way to show up to your holiday party than by walking through the door with Santa's wine carrying trousers. Not only that, you can totally use it as a festive purse, storage for corks or to take home left over cookies (because you know very well that there will be no leftover wine!).

*Locals, when you are Downtown shopping on King Street, pop in Pottery Barn and get yourself some practical wine bag disguised as Santa pants!

(I hope this list provides you much comfort & joy in knowing you have your Christmas list for the wine lovers in your life.. or perhaps jot these down for your own wish-list and leave it to be seen by your significant other! Also, be sure to periodically come back (better yet sign up for my newsletter via the Homepage) and visit the blog for more wine loving gift ideas with a new theme in mind each time!

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